About Give Life

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Give Life is a Mobile App which simplify the term of searching a Blood Donor in any place & city in quick way and without any hectic you can just simply post the requirement of the blood required under the message post and fulfill your requirements.

Use to search the Number of Donors in Any State, City, Town, and District with Number Of Active & Inactive Users. (Active Users - Who Can Donate Blood/Inactive Users who Have donated blood recently or cannot donate due to certain medical reason. But Inactive Users can play a role by posting the requirement & sharing on social media the messages. User can accept the notification received from the Donation required person based on our availability. No Personal data will be shared until we accept the Acceptance.

No need to worry to search for a donor in unknown place for any sort of situation as With one post we can reach many donor who will be available for donation in anyplace, anytime. Users of this app get the best facility as blood donation is everyone person choice we can’t force any one to donate blood but we can create awareness in the people to help others in need.