About Inventory Management System

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Inventory management software consists of business applications that track, manage and organize product sales, material purchases and other production processes. Businesses can now use systems based on barcodes or radio-frequency identification to see when shipments come in where raw materials are located, and when their products have shipped. By using inventory management software, businesses reduce the time and efforts previously put into basic tracking, and instead focus on analyzing, finding and reducing inefficiencies in their model.

Inventory Management Software is a web-based solution designed for small to mid-size companies looking for a complete inventory management system without replacing the actual software for accounting. Inventory System is flexible enough to meet the needs of companies that require more streamlined inventory control, material requirements planning and job shop floor control/manufacturing execution. Inventory System offers a collection of features pulling from the best of professional inventory management system with a simpler way to use them.

Benefits :
  • Monitoring Stock Requisitions
  • Matching Shipments to Orders
  • Monitoring Supplier Lead Times
  • Asset Tracking
  • Product Identification
  • TIER IV Servers
  • Fast & Effective